Our journey so far.


LYTTLE WITCH was created by Beyond Skin Deep, for the purpose of saving money and having full traceability to every product we use and knowing what ingredients go into each product.

Lyttle Witch is a sister witch to Beyond Skin Deep Care, a mobile natural, alternative massage business. In that business we only use products that are :

  • Vegan Friendly
  • Cruelty free
  • Organic
  • Pharmaceutical Grade
  • Food Grade
  • Therapeutic Quality Oil

As you can imagine they do not come cheap and unfortunately this is reflected in price of treatments. I decided to help make treatments more affordable as everyone needs some “SELFISH WITCH TIME”.

I would not have a huge mark up like other company’s. Alternative Natural health at affordable prices.  I am balancing my Karma both personally and in business it is just important to be Nice and help one another.

I have altered products to add extra multi healing. I was not born with “patience ” anyone that knows me please confirm!! Products and treatments are MULTI HEALING to help the  internal cleanliness and healthy spirtiual immune system of each client. As I make every thing to  YOU

We are a small family business working to provide a potential income so that we can be a LYTTLE more self-sufficient tomorrow than we are today !! ..

This bath, body and mind range will work as a self healing program to restore energy levels, alleviate tension and rediscover harmony. Calming those stress based palpitations, balancing the energy flow and helping combat insomnia.

“Inspired by my mother who we called  “the White witch”. May you watch over and bless us in all that we do, this is for you mum !! “

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